Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Lawyer Nepal

Apart from having a strong team and labour law consultants within the firm Shatilaw has also engaged the services of various labour law consultants in Nepal spread across various states and districts.

This has provided Shanti Law the unique ability to advise clients even in situations wherein the client's facilities are in remote areas. Shanti Law is one of the very few labour law firms in Nepal who has the capability to advise clients irrespective of their location.

Legal Services

Technology Transfer Lawyer Nepal

Our Process

1. Planning the Case

Prepare the appropriate legal documents for trial or court proceedings.

2. Evaluate Situation

Evaluate new business partnerships with vendors and subcontractors.

3. File The Case To The Court

Represent the company in legal proceedings. Guide management on regulatory and compliance issues to ensure compliance with legal regulations.

4. Gather More Information

Protect the company against legal risks and violations. Examine the legal issues related to new products and services.

Legal Services

We have represented clients who have found themselves in situations which they feel cornered into by potentially dangerous claims by employees and labor. Our firm has vast experience in defending corporations and the government in claims filed by the employees/labor.

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