Accounting and Auditing

Best Tax Lawyer in Nepal

Accounting and Auditing

The Shanti Business Solution works closely with the Financial Accounting Standards Board and other accounting regulators for the mutual goal of improving financial reporting. The Shanti Business Solution provides accounting guidance via audit and accounting guides and issues papers, recommends to Financial Accounting Standards Board topics worthy of standard setting, and advocates its beliefs

Internal and External Audit

We apply a structured approach to help you assess your risk and improve your risk management capabilities. The firm with a deep understanding of the requirements and compliance needs of highly regulated clients, our dedicated professionals employ best practice methodologies in our Internal Audit. Assisting to Internal Audit and External Audit

  • Physical Inventory Verification
  • Bills and Invoices Verification
  • Accounting System Analysis
  • Tax & VAT Planning and Documentation
  • Financial Report Preparation
Best Tax Lawyer in Nepal

The firm provides corporate tax due diligence, reviewing the effectiveness of a company’s tax position and advising on appropriate steps where there are gaps. The firm is highly experienced in advising on potential tax liability implications. It regularly advises on the terms and structure of supply and services contracts.

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